Attention Christian! You must use Biblical glasses to see the world and live in it.

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Welcome to Neph's website-Come on in and bring your brain with you-The Bible will renew your mind.
Be discerning like the Bereans-stay away from godless TV and use your brain and your Bible together!!!
Enjoy the website and Be Berean with all-use your Bible!Don't put any teacher apart from Jesus up on a pedestal..they will only topple and likely onto you!

Welcome to my blog...

This blog is not replacement for time in The Word of God.
In the world in which we live-it can be hard to just sit down and read your Bible in a quiet room by yourself and sometimes we end up browsing the internet.Christian TV channels have become laced with poisoned doctrines of Kingdon Now(Dominion theology),Word of Faith,Ecumenicism(back to Rome),Hypercharismatic nonsense of false revivals-signs and wonders movements(which ultimately put people off the Gifts of the Holy Spirit,which still exist-Romans 11 verse 29),which if your'e not careful you can ingest instead of EATING the Word of God.
I do believe in the gifts of the Spirit practiced Biblically though just Not in the way they are abused in the gnostic signs and wonders modern movement.
We must test everything!!!!
Since the TV (terrestrial and satellite/cable )has been corrupted then we have to resort to viewing on the internet and being very discerning about what we watch as we can end up taking some stuff on board as Christianity when it is not.
We have to be BEREAN and check everything compared to Scripture so we don't get taken for a ride-wasting our precious time God has given us and maybe even ending up in Apostacy.So I encourage you always to have your Bible at your side whilst viewing these clips I've blogged and if it doesn't fit in with Scripture then ignore it and discard it.
Despite being warned not to add to the Scriptures-man has done for many years corrupting the TRUTH with his lies and traditions and superstitions and in ignorance has passed it on for generations and generations.
We must test everything we read and hear against the word of God and throw away the rubbish.
Only Jesus has the whole else has everything correct otherwise ,so be careful of making anyone your favourite teacher and putting them up on a pedestal from which they are sure to fall.Only Jesus as God can cope with the height.

Remember to weigh the scriptures regarding all not pick and choose scriptures to suit your beliefs.
The Bible has a lot to teach men-don't be narrow minded with following one man's doctrine.

The Bible cover to cover Genesis to Revelation points to Jesus Christ.
May God bless you in your continuing search for the TRUTH of Jesus Christ.
Lastly be EXEGETIC(get info out of the Scriptures) NOT EISEGETIC (reading info into the Scriptures)when it comes to hermeneutics(how we interpret the Scriptures)....

One last piece of advice-make notes on things said/sermons etc and then check them out with your Bible-all of these things below have to be subject to this principle...even your "favourite" preacher/Bible expositor can be wrong sometimes...
Nothing worse than following a Bible teacher into falsehood-you have a brain of your own you know!Use it and check everything out against Scripture-online Bibles or hard copy....but do check it out!
Don't be a cottonheadedninnymuggins!!!

God's Word it.You won't regret it!
Open up your Bible when you read the articles or watch the video clips that I've blogged below (collected from the internet).Check them out.Be Berean(BB)as In Acts 17 verse 11.

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Dear Friend,
We may not have met yet, but please spare a moment to read this letter, from–the-heart-to you. It is the Good News of the Gospel briefly explained.
The Holy Bible tells us that God, the Father, wants you to be part of his extended family -with Jesus Christ-His Son.

In the beginning, the Bible confirms God created everything truly good. Sadly, mankind chose to sin –that is-go his own way instead of God’s way. Since then, things have gone terribly wrong both in the world and in people’s lives. Nevertheless, we continue to go our own way. We choose to please ourselves, instead of God. We make up our own ideas about religion to suit our life-styles, rather than learn about God as He reveals himself to us in the Bible. For example, the Bible says we should love God with all our hearts, souls, mind and strength and love our neighbour as ourselves. Have any of us met God’s requirements?

Our sin needs to be dealt with because it is a barrier between us and God. Unlike us, Gods character is Holy. He hates sin. God, being the Creator, has the right to judge His universe. The Bible teaches that the just punishment for sin is death-spiritual, physical & eternal. There are no exceptions, no excuses and no favouritism. Yes,-hell is a real possibility…unless you get right with God in this life. Jesus taught this, and warned of it repeatedly in the New Testament. God does not lie to us.

There is still hope because God, who is rich in mercy and loving-kindness, doesn’t want to give us what we deserve! God has offered us a means of escape; a free undeserved gift (Grace);- He sent Jesus, his Divine, sinless Son (the second Person of the Holy Trinity) -to earth as a man over 2000 years ago to die in our place. He was born a Jew. According to the Law of Moses, a perfect sacrificial lamb without any mark or blemish was sacrificed to cover up sin. Jesus was the final fulfilment of this law. He was the ultimate sacrificial lamb whos perfect life was the final sacrifice. Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient to cover all the sins of the world.
Jesus took our punishment for us on the Cross;- He suffered as a man-facing temptation -yet did not sin. He was despised and betrayed by his friends for no reason. He was falsely accused -though he committed no crime. He was nailed to a cross, cursed and left to die alone -rejected by God and man. He chose to do this freely for us!
Jesus died so our sins could be wiped away- turned from scarlet to pure white, forgiven and forgotten by God. As he breathed His last on that suffocating cross- He proclaimed ‘it is finished!’ God accepted this atonement/payment for sin. Then Jesus rose again victoriously to eternal life with a new, glorified body.
He was witnessed by many people after His resurrection. Then He ascended back into heaven to be with the Father where he continues to represent Man today. Jesus sends us His promised Holy Spirit to live within us here on earth. The Holy Spirit strengthens, comforts, guides, teaches and empowers all those who receive Him by faith. Jesus promised that we, through faith, can follow his life’s example. After our physical death, we will also get a new, glorified body and can live in His presence forever.
However,in order to receive God’s gift of salvation, He requires you to turn from your old ways/ ‘REPENT’, and TRUST in what Jesus did for you on the Cross. Follow Him in obedience to His Word (the Holy Bible) and be led by his Spirit- for the rest of your days...
…He promises that if you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him. He will never leave you or forsake you. When Jesus returns to judge the world, you will not face His wrath. The greatest thing of all is the chance to know God and have a personal relationship with Him! Jesus is alive-and still willing to meet you where you are at. This is the ‘GOOD NEWS’ of the Gospel! Please check this out by reading the Holy Bible (e.g. NIV, Living Bible or KJV) and by visiting a local, Bible –believing Church of Christians who can call themselves ‘Born Again’ and who believe in this Gospel message. Romans 3:23, Romans 3:10-18,Romans 6;23,Romans 5:8,Romans 10:9,Romans 10:13,Romans 5:1,Romans 8:1,Romans 8:38-39! Yours Sincerely, From local non-denominational, Bible-believing Christians who care about you.
WE are justified and being sanctified and will one day be Glorified as long as we continue to TRUST in Christ....we must keep our 'parachute/lifejacket' on!
i.e. cling on tight to Jesus your Saviour for dear life.He's the ONLY ONE who will get you through life and into the next one safely.

Lesson for 2017.....

It is ok to listen /read about what others are doing as long as you check it out in scriptures....BE BEREAN!

Use the Bible as your absolute primary source and scrutinize everything else(unless you're an atheist and you are the object of your worship of course)as secondary information/opinion..Remember people are fallible,but NOT the Holy Spirit.

WE MUST ALL GO BACK TO THE BIBLE,NOT CALVIN or ARMINIUS-we cannot afford to follow any man's teachings other than Jesus-we as humans are fallible and though we come across as intelligent to fellow humans ,we often slip up and are capable of taking others who are daft enough to follow us along, so...let the Holy Spirit guide you as THE THEOLOGIAN as you read it's precious pages each day!!



Only use Bible teachers to get you into the Word.Don't rely on any one teacher ,who can lead you astray...


Jesus Christ,Gods' Son Saviour